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Budget Documents

MLCA 2022 Proposed Budget.v2.pdf

2021 Budget.pdf

2021 Budget

Income/Expense Statement 1/20-9/20

Income/Expense Statement
1/1/20 - 9/16/20

2020 Marlton Lakes Civic Assoc Audited Financial Statements.pdf

2020 Audit Statement

MLCA 2022 Proposed Budget.pdf

July version of 2022 Preliminary Budget (Outdated, Artifact only)



2021 Amended MLCA Bylaws

At the September 2021 meeting, seven amendments to the MLCA Bylaws were adopted with a vote of 9 Trustees in favor, 0 Trustees opposed.

Dam Documents

2021 Dam Inspection-Cranberry.pdf

2021 Cranberry Dam Inspection

20 Dam Inspection Upper Lake .pdf

2020 Upper Lake Dam Inspection

Dam Inspection Report 2019.pdf

2019 Cranberry Dam Inspection

Dam Inspection Report 2018.pdf

2018 Upper Lake Dam Inspection

RNA_SOL_Marlton Lakes NJ 2022 Annual Lake Management 0122.pdf

2022 Solitude Lake Treatment Contract

Marlton Lakes O&M Manual 2015.pdf

O&M Manual 2015

MLCA Archive

Resolution of Association

MLCA Name Use
Resolution of Association


1957 Certificate of Incorporation

MLCA By-laws 1996.pdf

1996 By-Laws