🎈Upcoming Events in Marlton Lakes🎈

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Empty out your clutter, make room for new things, and make some money!💰

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Lakeside Hibachi Dinner 🥢🍚

Invite a friend, spouse, neighbor or just your appetite! Line up your babysitter if needed and enjoy dinner on the lake! Reserve your spot before they fill up! All profits will help raise money for a Gaga Pit for the little Lakers!

Feeling Crafty?🖌️🍪

Marlton Lakes has talent! Come join or support your crafty neighbors at the Clubhouse. Marlton Lakes gear will also be on sale if you'd like to stock up and show off your Marlton Lakes pride 😀


Come see the woods next to the Lakeshore Beach transform into a masterpiece! 

Donuts and hot chocolate for sale 🍩☕

Residents! We need YOU! Ask your teens if they'd like to help dress up for the SiLly TrAiL. Costumes provided 🧛

Trunk or Treat!

Get creative, fill up that trunk and get ready for some treats!  You can donate some goodies for the kiddos, come and hang out OR compete for a prize for the best decorated trunk. Either way, come enjoy a great day by the tennis courts!🍬🍫