Marlton Lakes Civic Association



November 3, 2021:

Please see two important announcements from the MLCA Board of Trustees below:

Announcement 1 (Document embedded in page below) - Resignation of Trustee Phil Palumbo, appointment of John Trotto to fill seat effective on the date vacated (December 23, 2021) and removal of need to hold election.

Announcement 2 (Found in MLCA Documents page) - Letter and Ballot for upcoming Dues and Budget votes. IMPORTANT: As per amendment approved by MLCA Board of Trustees in September Meeting, "Each dues paying parcel, whose dues payments are in good standing, shall be afforded two votes on behalf of that parcel." Therefore, please SUBMIT ONE BALLOT FOR EACH VOTE YOU ARE ENTITLED TO SUBMIT. Each ballot for the particular eligible parcel is allowed to have the same deeded name listed on the ballot.

in addition, the 2021 Amended Bylaws are now available in the MLCA Documents page.


Lake Testing

We are happy to report that the lake area on Spring was tested again and is now well below acceptable levels!

We will continue to update our results as they become available.

MLCA 2021 Lake Test Results

The Marlton Lakes Civic Association is a private lake community located in Evesham Township, NJ. The Association is made up of 370 privately owned homes. The Association is governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Association offers many activities and functions for the residents.